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May 22, 2020

This past weekend Tara + Chris were so much fun to work with!! They chose Colonial Williamsburg as their engagement session location and I always get a tad overly giddy when this happens because I mean come on – just look how pretty it is!! Anytime a couple books a wedding with me, a complimentary engagement session is included in all my wedding collections. Yes, that’s right – COMPLIMENTARY!! Now y’all might think this sounds crazy but follow along and hear me out on the top 3 reasons why I think it’s so important to schedule an engagement session with your wedding photographer before the big day.


1. We get to hang out again 🙂

After a couple inquires about booking me for their wedding, we schedule a face to face consultation. This is the perfect opportunity to meet, see if we’re a good fit (because that is most important), and discuss all things wedding. A consultation usually last no more than hour. Now think about it…. if that was the only time you saw your wedding photographer, we’d feel like strangers meeting again come wedding day. No, no. I strive for something so much more than just business when it comes to my couples. Providing an unforgettable experience full of joy and fun is the goal and I do this through more time together. Another way to think of it, you’ll be with me more than your significant other on the wedding day so it’s probably best we get to know each other a bit 😉


2. You can experience how I shoot

Whether you’ve had professional photos taken before or not, not all photographers approach shooting in the same way. Personally, I would consider myself more of a “hybrid” type whereas I use poses and prompts during my sessions. At the beginning of our session I’ll suggest specific poses that are flattering and comfortable for everyone. Then from there I love to suggest prompts to create those genuine connections between the couple. Plus this is a great way to make things so much more fun! 🙂 By the end of our time together you’ll be feeling like such a pro, when wedding day is finally here, you’ll know exactly what to do. Also – this is very important because feeling prepared is a great way to maximize those bride & groom portraits on the timeline!!


3. Get excited about upcoming WEDDING DAY

I usually suggest couples schedule their engagement session about 3-6 months in advance to avoid any stress. Your engagement session is the perfect way to take a break from all the planning, get dressed up with your man, and have some fun together regardless of what’s going on around you! It’ll get you so excited for your upcoming wedding day!! Plus – I always encourage couples to use this time to go out on a nice date and enjoy that quality one on one time together. 🙂


So thankful for the time spent together with Tara and Chris. We accomplished all 3 of these goals this past weekend ~ except maybe the part about them going out on a nice date because well, ya know #quarantine. BUT we did still have a great time and by the end of the night they both had a great time!! Looking forward to continuing the fun in September on their wedding day at the Founder’s Inn!!

If you’re a bride on the hunt for a wedding photographer and have questions about collections or how to schedule an engagement session, feel free to contact me through my website. I’m always happy to help answer any questions!! Right now I’m currently booking 2020 (very select dates) and 2021 weddings!!


Happy planning,



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