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What Is A Fresh 48 Session?

January 29, 2020

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Wondering what a Fresh 48 session actually is??  Well guess what – you’re in the right place because today, I’ll be sharing all the details and more!  This session is one of the 4 options available in the Maternity Milestone Package.  Follow along to learn more about what a Fresh 48 session is, what to expect during, and how to prepare, and what others think of the experience.



Fresh 48 sessions are a unique experience from lifestyle newborn photography.  Unlike newborn photography, which can be done either in a studio or at your home, Fresh 48 sessions are captured while you’re still at the hospital.  Typically a hospital stay is 1-3 days so I’ll come at some point during this time and capture your sweet newborn babe in their “fresh” state.  Newborn photos (not Fresh 48) are usually done within the first 6-15 days.  These sessions usually last anywhere from 1 – 1.5 hours.

These photos truly tell the beginning chapter of this new life story for you and your growing family.  With each passing day you’ll realize that your newborn changes.  These photos provide the opportunity to capture all those squishy, wrinkly, newborn features giving you the ability to look back on this time and remember exactly how they looked and felt in your arms.


What to Expect 

Ok so – you’ve scheduled a Fresh 48 session, you’ve had the baby …. now what???

First things first, have your husband or someone who will be with you while at the hospital, text me letting me know that, baby is officially HERE!!  I’ll then figure out the best time to come based on how baby and mama are doing.

When I first arrive, I’ll call/text the spouse or whomever will be there assisting the mother.  I have no shame in admitting I’m horrible with directions so I might need help finding your room :).  Like seriously y’all – it’s so bad!

Once there, I’ll find where the best possible light is.  At every Fresh 48 session I follow the baby’s lead.  I have a loose order in which I shoot, but I keep that completely flexible depending on feed times, cuddle breaks, and drs/nurses coming in for checkups.  I give direction and guidance to a point but mostly I am just creating opportunities for connections to happen naturally.


How to Prepare


When preparing for your Fresh 48 photos – first of all don’t think things need to be “perfect”.  These images will be documenting a part of YOUR story and how life is at this moment.  Which let’s face it, is not all 100% glamorous.  I’ll do my best to make sure overnight bags, Chick fil A cups, and trash cans are not in your pictures 😉 Don’t do anything extra that will cause stress.  The goal is to try and keep things relaxed because regardless ~ the photos will turn out beautifully!

If you’d like to have any specific items or props photographed such as letter boards, balloons, certain blankets/outfits, great!  Please try to have those ready to go so when I get there I’m able to dive right in capturing images of your sweet babe.

Also, please know that sometimes there can be unplanned events that we need to be flexible with.   At the beginning of one session, we found out the baby had to go under the UV lights for 2 hours at a time with only 30 minutes out, however, we still made it work!  You can read all about that experience over on the Baby Ivy Fresh 48 blog.


What Others Have to Say

I’ve had the privilege of documenting quite a few Fresh 48 sessions recently and they always bring me such joy!!  But there is nothing like reading about the joy that others experience during their session.  Here is what others are saying about their Fresh 48 sessions:




“Emily was absolutely phenomenal, as always, for our fresh 48 session.  Our little girl needed to be under UV lights for jaundice and Emily came and got amazing pictures in a small window that was given to us.  She is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients!  Emily keeps in contact with you through editing and gives the best sneak peeks!  The pictures she got of ivy were perfect in everyway. I felt so at ease during the whole process and I’m so thankful we have these memories to cherish.  Emily is our go to photographer and will be the whole time we’re here in Hampton Roads!”

– Abby (Portsmouth Naval Hospital)







“We choose to do the fresh 48 because we wanted to celebrate a long journey that culminated in the birth of our beautiful baby daughter.  We also wanted Addyson to have something to look back at to see just how much she was celebrated for being a part of our family.  The reason we choose Emily Conner photography is because she was a pillar of faith and emotional support during our journey that helped us through the tough times and celebrated the amazing times and though she was the perfect person to help us share our journey with our family and friends.  We could not have asked for a more wonderful photographer and friend and we are blessed that she was able to dedicate her time sharing and documenting our story!!”

– Elissa (Portsmouth Naval Hospital)






“Emily went above and beyond expectations for our maternity and Fresh 48 sessions (also as a second shooter at our wedding)!  We had the best time at our maternity session and the location Emily suggested was perfect.  Emily made my Pinterest dreams a reality with our Fresh 48 pictures.  During both sessions, we had a great time and felt very comfortable with Emily and that shows in our photos.  We will definitely recommend Emily to anyone who needs photos done in the future!”

– Dallas (Chesapeake Regional Hospital)








Soooo thankful for all the families who have entrusted me with such a significant session!!  If you’d like to schedule a Fresh 48 session this can be done any time before baby arrives!  The best way to contact me is always through my website.  There is a Contact Form at the bottom of every page on the site.  This form provides me with a little bit of information about you and helps to let me know exactly what you’re interested in.  When filling out the form, select MATERNITY MILESTONE PACKAGE and I’ll be happy to email you with all the information about sessions!


Thanks for following along,






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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal about ecp clients, photography tips, wedding planning, and more! Stay a while and say hello!

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