Top 3 Tips For Planning Your Announcement Session

Maternity Milestone

January 27, 2020

You’re pregnant and want to commemorate this special occasion with professional photos!!!! Hoorayyyyy!!!  **Insert all the happy emojis and imagine virtual confetti is bursting through the screen right now!!!**  This is such and exciting time for you and your growing family that I’d love to help you plan out your pregnancy announcement session with my: top 3 ways to prepare.

Follow along to find out a few tips and tricks.

  1. If you’d like to bring props, bring some that will help to tell your unique story. Everyone has their own personal journey of getting to this moment. These photos should showcase the love, joy, and excitement during this special season of life.  A letterboard is a great one to bring (if you don’t have one, don’t fret ~ I’ve got ya covered ;)).  The board could include a cute phrase saying you’ve been keeping a secret or announce how far along you are. There are some great ones on Amazon for a decent price and *bonus* here in two days or less haha!!


Balloons are always another cute idea!  Although if they’re helium filled, be prepared to have a tight grip on them haha!!  I’ve had a couple different sessions where during the shoot the string will slip and the balloon is long gone before anyone has a chance to grab it.  It once happened at the very beginning of a 1 year old birthday shoot one time but hey, we still made it work!

Since then I’ve learned a few tricks to keep the balloon from going rogue – bring a clip to tie the balloon on then clip it to your back pocket, jacket, etc. where it won’t be seen!  Helps to ease the tension of wondering when/if the balloon will disappear in the middle of a photo.


Two families outside during the spring announcing their pregnancy with a balloon and letterboard


Your pets!  Four-legged children are alwaysss welcome to any and all sessions.  I’ll always say they’re part of the family and definitely deserve to be there!  If you don’t necessarily want them in all of the photos it might be a good idea to bring an extra person.  That way they can take the pup(s) when they’re not in the spotlight so they can watch the rest of the action from the sidelines.


2. I’m often asked for clothing ideas, so I thought I’d include a bit of information on the topic.  When choosing outfits you should definitely feel beautiful in whatever you’re wearing and let it best represent YOU.  In my announcement session proposal I send after inquiry, I list out all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to outfit choices.

Mama bear and papa bear matching shirts and mugs announcing pregnancy

Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Keep our backdrop in mind when choosing your clothing.  For example, if we are on a beach, aim to dress in clothes that are light and flowing.  If we are surrounded by fall leaves, layering in fun textures is a great option.


  • If you have a fun patterned outfit you would like to use, try to limit it to one person.  That way they will pop and still coordinate with everyone else.  Multiple patterns can look busy, and this way they won’t be competing with one another.


  • It’s best to try to avoid large logos and large texts, unless they’re geared towards this special occasion, and neon colors!!

Most importantly, be sure to wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Your confidence will really shine through in the photos!


3. Come to the session ready to have some FUN!  I LOVE to incorporate fun prompts into all my sessions.  These are a great way to capture those natural laugh!  Also, remember to trust your photographer.  There might be times when you’re put in the most random of locations however, if the light is juuussttt right – I guarantee that spot will morph into an oasis in final gallery 😉

Big brother outside during the spring announcing the arrival of a sibling


I truly hope this helps give you a headstart on planning out that pregnancy announcement session <3  Thank you so much for stopping by and checking it out!!  If you’d like to get in touch to learn more about my Maternity Milestone Packages, I’d love to send you some information.  Feel free to fill out the contact form HERE to let me know a little about you and your story!!


All my best,

Emily 🙂

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