quick facts about me

I am so excited that your here and interested in getting to know me! I’m sure you could already assume I have a HUGE passion for photography and every aspect involved. However, there is so much more that makes up who I am and what I bring to the table as your photographer.

My favorite thing about photography is being able to capture life's precious moments. What I love most, is that can be defined as whatever you choose. Precious moments can either be found in the day to day activities with loved ones or it can be a special unforgettable event. 

I'm a wife, daughter, and friend who runs on coffee and faith!!


+ If I could be anywhere in the world it would be with my family. 

+ I come from a military background and have lived all across the U.S with Virginia being the longest.

+ I graduated from Old Dominion University to become a teacher because I loved the idea of building relationships with kids and leaving an impression on their lives. Now I love that I'm able to do that with all of my awesome clients.

+ I'm married to my high school sweetheart!

+ I'm NEVER early and always at least 5 minutes fashionably late ~ except for sessions of course ;)

+ On the Enneagram scale I'm a type 9 wing 1 which basically means I avoid conflict, am a great listener, and LOVE some good organization!
+ Mexican food is life!

quick facts about me

Hey friends!!! Trying to define my "style" in life is a little difficult because initially I would say its "soft and clean" butttt I have kids so that doesn't always happen HAHA! Other than that some of my favorites include coffee (gotta have that creamer), always down to watch an episode of Friends, and some good ol' quiet time to work in my planner and organize this crazy life I live with my family. 

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First off and most importantly, my family is my everything! This includes my husband, our babies, my mama, Poppy, and sister. We laugh together, love each other unconditionally, are always there for each other, and will forever be all up in each others business for as long as we can.  I’m the type of person, I don’t care what I’m doing or where I am as long as my family is with me.

biggest supporters

my family

I loooovveee a good starbucks frapp on a hot summer day!! My favorite right now is the Mocha Java Chip. Seriously yall, so good! And plus - the blended chocolate chips are always a fun surprise HAHA

When its not 80+ degrees outside I'm most likely drinking a Mocha latte because I'm all about that chocolate flavor. If theres enough time before sessions, I love stopping and picking up one of these two drinks!!

Starbucks drink

my go to

Photography has always been some what part of life. As far back as I can remember my Mama was taking pictures of trips, sporting events, everyday life, etc. and following it up with scrap booking it all HAHA! I don't think I really appreciated all of our (slightly forced) family photos until I became a mother. Time truly is a thief and I want to try and preserve as much of our memories as I can and what I'd love to do for YOU! 


why i became a

Oh yes!! Summer is definitely my favorite season. I'm a very "cold natured" person so living in Virginia is the best. I long for those hot, humid summer days where most people are dying of a heat stroke. The longer days, cooler nights, water fun, its all my jam!   

is summer

my favorite season

I don't really have one particular place in general that I like to visit but I do love going to the beach. There's just something so peaceful about sitting there watching the waves crash up onto the sand, and looking out into the depths of the ocean.

Also, (total side note here!) I love visiting historical places and learning new facts! History really interests me especially if its mid-late 19th century time frame.

place to visit

my favorite

How most women handle it all is beyond me which is why I try to keep things real. Life is not about the PERFECT but rather memories made. My children will be my greatest testimony when I'm long gone and I want to make sure I'm doing my best for them every single day! This is something I'm trying to constantly remind myself while I juggle "all the things".
 If you know one thing about me I truly hope it is this - I would not be where I am able to do any of this without my faith and daily strength I get from Jesus!! He gives me my peace when my sweet angel babes are tag teaming me, courage to pursue this business venture of mine, and hope for what the future holds. 

Here I am in my "natural habitat" of trying to wrangle these two, manage a growing photography business, and remember to drink the appropriate amount of water throughout the day!

Hey yall, this is me

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!